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Our Services

Nutritional Coaching

Food as medicine. Learn how to change your diet and change your life. Feel refreshed, energetic and focused. Holistic Nutrionist, Nrinder Nann, will assess your diet and lifestyle and help you to eat better and feel great. MORE...


We offer dance, cooking and creativity classes and will be adding more over the next few months. Check the schedule. MORE...


Nourishing Health offers several original, comprehensive, evidence-based and hands-on programs aimed at helping you put theory into practice and deepen your healing potential.


At Nourishing Health we practice a full spectrum of yoga which includes pranayama (breathwork), asana (movement), mantra (sacred chanting), meditation and discussion. Check the schedule for classes. MORE...


Art Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, Acupuncture and Registered Massage are among the therapies offered. MORE...

Pay it Forward

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Our Team

Nrinder Nann, CNP

Nrinder Nann, CNP

Owner, Holistic Nutritionist & Coach

“My job is to support healing that addresses the root cause. I honour both science and nourishing traditions from around the world as a pathway. My evidence lies in how people feel.”

Nrinder is trained in holistic and functional nutrition, and has over 15 years experience as an educator, community developer and leadership coach.

Having faced her own health challenges, Nrinder understands the healing power of being witnessed, informed and empowered in self-care. She also knows how vital the support of a trusted practitioner is when navigating complex health issues. Nrinder believes that when we take time to heal as individuals, we begin to shape how our communities grow.

Nrinder is thrilled to be opening Hamilton’s first multi-disciplinary, holistic wellness studio.

Preeti Berar, CNP

Preeti Berar, CNP

Certified Nutritional & Multi-disciplinary Practitioner

Preeti’s true passion is to help others grow.

After spending 15 years in the Beauty Industry working as an Esthetican and Makeup Artist, Preeti found herself wanting to move beyond the idea that looking good meant feeling good. She studied how nutrition, wellness and health could help her to heal from the inside out.

As she continued to grow, so did her clients. Her clients’ openness and desire for deep healing led Preeti to integrate Reflexology, Reiki, nutrition and yogic practices into her offerings.


Jennifer Bolus

Jennifer Bolus

Integrative Registered Dietitian

Jennifer brings ten years of experience as a healthcare practitioner and a whole lot of heart and soul to Nourishing Health. Her extensive training includes clinical and functional nutrition, restorative yoga, and various biofield therapies.

Having struggled with her own health issues, she knows firsthand the challenges of dis-ease mentally, emotionally and physically. She also knows that healing happens when we listen deeply to our body’s messages and live in relationship to our body’s natural rhythms; true health and healing is an inside job.

Jennifer blends her experience working in modern healthcare with her passion for mind-body medicine by addressing modern day health challenges with traditional teachings that honour the whole person.

Luisa Caruso

Luisa Caruso

Reiki Practitioner, Integrative Energy Therapist & Yoga Teacher

“The main emphasis in all my services to others are mindfulness, breath, and awareness of the patterned habits of the mind and body.”

Luisa is a Reiki Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapist and Yoga Teacher. She has studied Ayurveda and various styles of yoga including Iyanger, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yin. Her connection to these modalities comes from her own healing journey. Luisa’s approach focuses on encouraging personal development, healing and radical self transformation. Clients are supported and encouraged to access their inner wisdom, cultivate greater self awareness and mind, body, spirit connection.

Luisa has a passion for social justice and activism and is currently pursuing her Child and Youth Councillor diploma. She believes that her energy work and yoga practice has nurtured and supported these passions.

Kayla Giselle

Kayla Giselle

Therapeutic Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Kayla is passionate about sharing her love of the human body and educating others about the untapped potential held within each of us. Kayla teaches alignment-centered yoga infused with myofascial stretch techniques as the root practice for releasing attachment and rediscovering freedom within the human body. Kayla aims to share her infectious belief that complete healing is possible in every body.

Kayla received her yoga training at the Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, and became a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist through the Stretch to Win Institute. She is also a Certified Iridologist, Reiki, Gua Sha and Cupping Massage practitioner.

Heather Greaves

Heather Greaves

Yoga Therapist

Heather started her journey with yoga in 1969. Her practice and teaching is influenced by her training in Polarity Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Ayurveda. She has been training yoga teachers in a certified therapeutic and holistic program since 2005. At Nourishing Health, Heather offers empowerment and healing for yogis of all levels.

“I believe that small steps taken in the right direction can greatly improve quality of life.”

She is the owner of Body Therapies Yoga Training. She started Body Therapies because she wanted to create a safe environment where people could learn how to take better care of their bodies, emotions, mind, and even relationships, and help others do the same.

Audra Jacombs

Audra Jacombs

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist

“I have a passion for helping people find answers.”

For the majority of her adult life, she has enjoyed exploring the world around her both physically and spiritually. After the birth of her second son, she discovered Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, or QHHT, created by Dolores Cannon. It’s a very unique form of hypnosis that focuses on expanding our conscious awareness by exploring our past lives.

As a certified QHHT practitioner, Audra is returning to her passion. By easing her clients into the QHHT state, she explores their past lives to help them find answers to concerns that they have in this life: from understand ailments or illnesses, to answering questions about who they are meant to be, to helping them understand their karmic connections or why certain people are in their life.

Audra is thrilled to be able to offer the Dolores Cannon method to anyone looking to expand their mind and soul.

Kaitlyn Kelly

Kaitlyn Kelly

Yoga Teacher

Kaitlyn began her yoga practice for personal healing, and discovered quickly that teaching was her true passion.

She has worked with a diversity of people and skill levels, ranging from school-aged children to the elderly. She strives to create a safe, brave and judgement free environment, where all who are practicing yoga can learn, ask questions and develop in a way that honours who they are. Because no two bodies are alike, Kaitlyn offers modifications, along with “tips and tricks,” to build strength and flexibility at each student’s own pace. She is a certified Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour (RYT-200h).

“I love watching each student develop an awareness and acceptance of their body, as it is in the moment. I focus a lot on alignment and anatomy, to ensure my students feel safe, educated and empowered in each class. I keep classes interesting with original playlists, and use essential oils for a deeper therapeutic experience. I look forward to meeting you at Nourishing Health!”

Sage RavenStar

Sage RavenStar

WiseWomyn, Healer & Facilitator

Through the years, Sage has been harvesting a deep well of knowledge to effectively thrive as a WiseWomyn, Healer and Facilitator. She uses this insight to carve a pathway for others to revisit and heal the past, deepening the presence of the Divine Feminine within oneself as well as in the community. She educates others and strives to be a formidable ally, helping to bridge the gap between people of all races, genders and classes. Furthermore, she assists people to become more conscious of their connection and responsibility to the earth.

Because of her own long and tumultuous journey, Sage has learned how to not only identify but utilize tools to heal the physical and emotional aspects of our mind, body and soul. With these tools, she led a full career as a counselor and crisis worker, and now brings two decades of professional as well as interpersonal healing. She continues to be a counsellor and facilitator for a myriad of workshops, applying her experience of Circle Work, Shamanic and Energy Healing, Meditation, Folk Herbalism, Tarot Consultation and Astrology.

Walking forward with these tools and practices, Sage is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Nourishing Health in offering events, workshops and consultations for people in the Hamilton community.

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