Nourishing Health is a multi-disciplinary, holistic wellness business committed to helping meet your needs and leave you feeling better. We believe in providing simple, holistic approaches to get at the root cause of discomfort or disease in order to support your healing. We offer:

  • personalized nutritional coaching with lifestyle recommendations
  • cooking and yoga classes
  • multi-week learning programs and special events

We stand for food justice in our approach and value each individual and our communities deeply.


nrinderNrinder Nann, Holistic Nutritionist & Coach, Owner

“What we eat can be a conscious act of compassion, justice and healing. I serve in a way that empowers people to make well informed choices to live well. I trust that when we take time to heal as individuals, we begin to shape how our communities grow.”

Nrinder is a certified holistic nutritionist with over 18 years experience as an educator, community developer and leadership coach. She graduated with 1st class honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and passionately continues studies in the field.

She was the first National Representative on Youth Issues for the Canadian Labour Congress, worked as the Director of Education for the largest union in North America, and managed Community Development for the City of Toronto – all before the age of 35. Being driven by her work first and foremost, she had to uproot her perfectionist, over-achieving tendencies in order to establish a new lifestyle. Holistic nutrition was her gateway towards personal healing, rigorous study and became the inspiration for a new career.

Having faced some serious health challenges, Nrinder understands the power of being witnessed, informed and empowered in healing. She also knows how critical the support of a trusted practitioner is when navigating complex health issues. Her hope is for people to be well informed in making choices about what to eat and how it may serve them in the biggest and deepest ways possible.

Nrinder is the owner of Nourishing Health, a holistic wellness business in Hamilton, ON and proudly helped found The Mustardseed Cooperative Grocery, a membership owned co-op focused on wholesome, local and affordable food for people, not for profit.

“My job is to support healing that addresses the root cause. I honour both science and nourishing traditions from around the world as pathways. My evidence lies in how people feel.”

As your holistic coach, you can expect Nrinder to:

  • Listen deeply to honour who you are and what you are facing.
  • Inquire compassionately to uncover your needs and address the root cause of what you are experiencing.
  • Create opportunities for you to co-create and engage in your healing process.
  • Tap into sources of inspiration, wisdom and research to support your healing journey.


lauren-2Lauren Pragg, Holistic Nutritionist in Training

Lauren is passionate about the intersections of #food #justice and #healing. They believe food is #energy and #medicine that we integrate into our bodies every day. Helping people understand how food can heal and harm us is something Lauren believes to be a foundational aspect of health.

Lauren Pragg is the child of Trinidadian born parents who immigrated to Toronto in the 1970s. They grew up in Scarborough, ON and still lives in East Toronto. They acknowledge the Indigenous guardians of the land they live on, as well as the Two Row Wampum and the Dish With One Spoon covenant. They hope to live in such a way to honour the land and peoples whose land they are a guest upon.

Lauren has over 10 yrs experience in graduate school studying Caribbean #feministthought, as well as race and sexuality. They have also spent many years involved in community work with orgs such as Planned Parenthood Toronto and Shameless Magazine. They prioritize work with #queer, #genderqueer, and #transpeople, #peopleofsize / #fatidentified people, as well as #Black, #Indigenouspeoples and #peopleofcolour.

They are currently studying #HolisticNutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and will be completing their #yogateacher training in July. After years of feeling disconnected from their body, and confused by western medicine Lauren has turned to nutrition as a way to bridge their interest in food, social justice, and natural healing. Lauren feels that all cultures hold knowledge about the medicinal properties of food that should be celebrated. They also know that information about food, diets, and medicine can be intimidating and contradictory so they hope to help people find out what works best for each of our bodies. They believe that #collaboration between practitioners from allopathic medicine to acupuncture to energy healers is a powerfully independent model of #wellness.

Lauren works part-time at the Toronto Acupuncture Studio, and is thrilled to be working with the dynamic team here at Nourishing Health.



Jenn Potter, Holistic Nutritionist

Jenn is focused on bringing back the enjoyment of eating #realfood. She believes in making simple changes that will make a big difference in the #wellness of ourselves and our #community.

Before Jenn became a nutritionist, she struggled with her own food sensitivities, skin issues, extreme fatigue and adverse reactions to antibiotics. Realizing that she needed to make some changes she began to explore alternative methods. Feeling great and seeing many changes in herself inspired Jenn to share these possibilities with the world which lead her to a career in #holisticnutrition.

Jenn has been a Registered Holistic Nutritionist since 2012. During this time, she has worked closely with clients in many different capacities. This includes working with people of all ages how to cook wholesome meals, working with employees to balance work and life outside of work, teaching various workshops, running courses, consulting in clinic settings and appearing in written media.

Jenn’s education from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition combined with her degree in Community Health from Brock University and diploma in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion from Centennial College along with her experience in the field has allowed her passion of helping people implement healthy habits to feel their absolute best only grow stronger.

She is excited about working in a #collaborative model at Nourishing Health with a team of passionate holistic nutritionists.



Violeta Puente-Duran, Holistic Nutritionist in Training

Violeta is passionately driven to help people understand the root causes of their conditions and discover natural and nutritional approaches for healing. She is committed to food justice issues and believes it is pathway to healthier living. (click here for more)

Violeta obtained her Nutrition & Food degree from Ryerson University in 2011 and went on to do her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at McGill University where she focused her major project on food insecurity. Specifically, she looked at the differences in food purchases among income group categories in Guatemala.

Violeta has been working as a health educator in chronic disease management for two years. In this role, she has helped many individuals make healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices. Her desire to understand the root causes of her clients’ conditions and symptoms, as well as natural approaches to healing, led her to pursue holistic nutrition. Violeta’s passion for nutrition began as a teenager, when she became vegetarian. In that time, she developed a great interest in eating balanced vegetarian meals and creating healthy, culturally diverse, recipes. Though she is no longer vegetarian, she has since adopted a balanced approach to eating and living.

Violeta also enjoys nutrition writing. She writes on a wide range of nutrition topics but particularly likes to write about commonly asked nutrition questions. Having studied photography in her early 20s, Violeta enjoys taking her own food and recipe photos. She is currently living in Hamilton and is excited to share her knowledge and passion for nutrition with the Nourishing Health team and the Hamilton community.