#100DaysOfSelfCare Challenge

I’m writing this blog today to invite you to join me in a 100 day self care challenge.

The premise behind this challenge rests in a quote by audre lorde that I have turned to in many moments in my life:

“Caring for myself is not self indulgent, it is self preservation and that is an act of political warfare”


There is a lot going on in the world and in our lives and it can get really tough to prioritize ourselves, let alone mindfully practice self love and self compassion. Though it can be a challenge to actualize, we all deserve to dedicate some time every day to take care of ourselves.

Some of you may know, I’m a new mom, and I love my little star. Over the past 10 months I have experienced a lot of highs and lows of being a new parent while learning how best to provide care for my baby. I haven’t taken care of myself the way I used to and I don’t want my past ways of doing things to govern over me and become an unachievable list of “shoulds”. It is time for this momma to flex new muscles and create sustainable patterns of self care. I need to support my ability to live healthfully into the life I have chosen, and I’m inviting you to come along with me for the next 100 days.

Maybe for you 30, 60 or 90 days will be enough, and that is totally fine.

The key is to grant ourselves permission to do what it takes every day to dedicate some time and attention to ourselves. Here are three enablers that helped me succeed in taking daily actions:

    1. Doable – choose actions that can be done right now and do not require further resources or excuses (lemon water every morning, more plant food, or guided yoga/meditation at home via a free app)
    1. Pen it in – set aside time every day for it – like actually put it in my day planner.
    1. Permission – to be slow to meet myself where I am at, do a little or increase the designated time if I was enjoying it, gently remind myself that I am not my work. Respect who I am enough do this self-care thing imperfectly.

You may find that on Day 1 keeping it simple like drinking more water works. Perhaps by Day 15 you find yourself craving less sweets because you’ve been eating more vegetables. On Day 37 you may be ready for a digital-detox and take some time away from screens or social media. And on Day 42 perhaps you take yourself out on a date. Whatever you choose, the goal is to develop sustainable life practices that truly fuel and fulfill you. That’s the challenge.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always like doing things alone. I like a good mix of solo time to focus and connective time to be inspired and contribute to others. So let’s create a community of practice and support. We can start by tagging our journey online with hashtag #100daysofselfcare on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll be posting regular updates and helpful resources to keep us motivated and inspired.

And if you need some help getting started, sign up with your email to use some tools I have designed for you to take stock and assess your current state, so you can move into creating your own self care action plan.

For $13 you can also order a copy of our E Cookbook with over 60 recipes to help inspire you to eat nutrient dense meals every day.

Finally, if you think you need a little more one on one support, I’d be honoured to support your journey as a Holistic Nutritionist and Coach.

I’m so excited to be rebooting with many of you this fall. Let’s do this!


About Nrinder Nann

Founder of Nourishing Health, Nrinder N. K. Nann is a certified holistic nutritionist (CNP) who graduated with 1st class honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. With over 18 years experience as an educator, community developer and leadership coach, Nrinder understands the importance both lived experience and context play in uncovering our personal wisdom and health. She believes the power to heal comes with access, education and support and is thrilled to be opening the first-of-its-kind holistic wellness studio in Hamilton, ON.