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Unicorn Bliss Balls – cute & power packed!

Truth is, we thought of making these amazing little delights last year before Pride. What can we say, life and work got hectic and we sat on this one until […]


Foods to Boost your Immunity this Cold & Flu Season

Did you know that nearly 70% of your immune cells live in the gut? Nutrient-dense foods are among your best defence to avoid colds and flus this season. Here are […]


The Power of Portions is in Your Hand

Nutrient-rich foods that provide a balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals are key for our wellbeing. Knowing how much to eat of each doesn’t need to be […]


Bask in the skin you are in

Did you know that your skin is actually an organ that helps convert sunlight into vitamin D? And the more of it that is exposed to the sun, the more […]


#100DaysOfSelfCare Challenge

I’m writing this blog today to invite you to join me in a 100 day self care challenge. The premise behind this challenge rests in a quote by audre lorde […]

Let Go of the %22Holi-daze%22

Let Go Of The “Holi-daze”

Winter has finally arrived and the “holi-daze” are in full swing. Many of my clients, friends and family have mentioned feeling fatigued, anxious and a bit unsettled. If you have […]

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